Training Offered

The Training Program

“Schooling doesn’t assure employment but skill does.” Our education system doesn’t teach us in actual life, hence when we put our first step in the world it seems to be so different from what we have been taught.

Students must learn new demanding and trending skills in the market. No matter whatever field you choose in the future your skills will remain with you today and forever.

Digital Spangle, we are the one who wants to work on your skills and your practical learning according to the marketing scenario, offering you Digital Marketing classes looking after your interest in work.

We have arranged the mode of our classes as per your comfort both offline and online where you are not going to mug up the things by heart but mainly we focus on hands-on experience.


Training Offered

Digital Spangle offers you classes as well as internships in the below-listed fields –

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing field that is over demanded after the pandemics, as everyone wants to work from home and explore their business in online marketing. Our course will mastery in –

  • Website  Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization/ SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing/ SEM
  • Social Media Marketing /SMM

Graphic Designing

This is a field that is trending but only those shines who primarily focus on pure graphic designing. Our syllabus is designed according to make the one a professional graphic designer that will cover –

  • Basics of Graphic DesigningHands-On experience on tools
  • Professional Logo Design
  • A portfolio which will help you to build a perfect career

Content writing

Creative content writing is a skill that must be in you no matter you are in the digital marketing field or not. Your creativity will enhance your thinking and imagination and help you everywhere from present to future. We will guide you to create a correct and synchronized content by giving you regular classes of –

  • Content creation includes posters, tag line, posts, infographics, etc 
  • Blog Writing and Posting which will feature you
  • Writing and Managing Social media posts
  • Product Detail Writing 
  • Targeting Content and Followers